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A Guide To Indoor Greenhouse

The contents and information that this website provides, are devided pretty much in a self explanatorily manner at the menu. For those without patience, the how to section will resume all the knowledge here, or for those who likes to RTFM you have other sections described as follows.

Our MANIFEST is just a brief list of motivational reasons on why have a green-room-or-house, also it implies a bit of anti-carnivorous feelings.

The HOW TO page, will try to teach the basic steps and information necessary to have a successful vegetable garden, providing also some background information on several subjects.

In the EQUIPMENT page, you will be elucidated objectively onto the equipment necessary to have a small plantation, with the necessary information about each equipment, price and so forth.

The WHERE page will state simple information about where you can do your garden and thoughts you should take into consideration.

To show-off a little bit of our work, the KNOW-HOW page have some galleries of our vegetables, harvested in our home.

At the CALENDAR you will be pleased to watch some of our plants growing, to provide some visualization on its aspects and have some idea of what you should expect.

When you start to feel you need to know things in even more detail, you can visit the BOOKS section to find out what I have read and get some of the books yourself.

Finally discover who is behind it all at the WHO section.

This is a lamp from Philips called SON Agro Master T-PIA of 250W - mounted in a reflector. The initial arrangement I did to start growing with the new lamp. The germinator tray already seeded waiting for initial sproutings. Checking the temperature inside the germinator to make sure. Initial sprouts yet unindentifiable as all the leafs have almost the same shape. (Rucola / Rocket in the picture) An overview look of the whole setup excepting the lamp - overhead. After a few days you will have more and more sproutings. One specific sprout ocurring in detail. One advantage of these trays, is that you can cut them free quite easily. Tranferring from the germinator to the soil, first batch of rocket. The transfer of the complete piece out of the germinator to the soil, no separation of sprouts in this case. Scene of a transplanting day :). Quite a few different plants, different pots, a new cycle has started. Now with almost all the pots full, you can see how many plants it started with such small area. The first parsley I have ever grown in my entire life. Details on the leaf of the parsley, after a few weeks. A young plant, just a few weeks old. It is already possible to identify problems and successes, amidst the mix of plants with different necessities, its dificult to make everybody happy. But everything has a solution ;-) Capiscum Annuum or Cayenne Pepper, a very comun and easy going type of pepper to grow, after some weeks. After taking out the last bits of living quarters, now it start to looks more a greehouse, or like I call it, the greenroom. Overview of the new greeroom after a few more weeks. After flowers you have incredible peppers. Note the flower in the bottom of the pepper like a skirt. Right after the flowers, small tomatoes might appear in clustered streams, or bunches. Its a good and grown tomato, but still not red, as soon it turns red, it is good to harvest.

We have been wanting to grow our food for a long time now, since we realized how heavy meat feels in the stomach. It did not took too much to understand that meat is not the sort of food completely necessary in our daily menus.

Unfortunately we are not able to acquire land or any sort of plot where I could do a vegetable garden, so there comes this solution into our minds.

We have already heard that there are some lamps that can simulate the sun, people who grow marijuana generally use it indoors with a complex system (or so) of ventilation, where they are able to have healthy plants without the presence of the sun.

Later on we came to realize that the only thing we would really need was a free area, some ventilation, pots, a grow lamp, water and care. After some time we achieve the results you can briefly see on our header and in the thumbnail that follow.

Before you continue you should read about us and the Manifest! where you will understand why we have developed this website and who are we, to generate all this content, our background and motivation, I hope it all will be stated in a clear way.

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